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Friday, April 28, 2006

Ode to Sharon from Ping Part 1

My Name is Elusivo Guerriero and I fight for the Kingdom of Ascalon as well as other guilds who do not hold the kingdoms best interest in mind.

I come from a land far away known as the "Valley of Warriors" I have trained with the best. I also have done secondary training with Rangers, I do use some of those skills that add to my training as a warrior. However my secondary training has more to do with my pet Ice which I will proudly display shortly.

I have also studied in special skills that make my blows heavy, meeting my enemies and the enemies of Ascalon up with there fate of death.

Something is wrong though I can feel it more so then the normal problems with Charr and Murssatt I know because the cold wind has started to blow I need to find out what.

I grabbed my Hammer and Helm and went to speak with Westmaster.

"Elu (that's what I am called) have you come to fight along with my troops?"
"Not today Westmaster and having been here before you can handle the evil here pretty easy"
"A shame indeed Elu your a good fighter, so why have you come last I heard you were working on taking The Ring of Fire"

Dread filled me The Ring of Fire was a deadly place filled with evil and my days of fighting there have been long "Yes I am indeed fighting there but something has shifted and I have come to ask if you have any thoughts on the matter"
"you must be speaking of the cold wind, I have felt it also I think you must go see the Guild Registrar he may hold the information you are seeking the path is harsh though"
I gave him a smile "not for Ice "
Westmaster smiled "so true you shall have no problem"
"I hope to see you again Westmaster and next time with the news The Ring of Fire is free again"
Off I went to see the Guild Registrar

Along the way Ice and I meant up with a few left over forms of evil nothing I or Ice could not handle on our own. Ice is a wolf from early days of training with the rangers. He often must die in order to protect me but thankfully I took my ranger training serious as well as my sisters and I simply resurrect him with powers of nature. Ascalon used to be such a beautiful city a place for all to come.
Not any longer as you can see. The children stay behind walls no longer running playing warrior or picking flowers. When I have some moments I let Ice run with them out here he can handle any problem unlike the lands around The Ring of Fire. But there is no time for play today. We introduce the evil to death a walk on.

Finally I arrived in Lions Arch.

"Merkin may I approach?"
"Yes Elu please state your business"
"I have felt a cold wind Merkin and Westmaster thought you may know why"
Merkin was an old grumpy man who was hung up on tradition but he also was loyal so I put up with his grand sense of self.
"Maybe you do not know because it is not for you to know"
I almost wanted to clobber him on the head but held myself "As you say Merkin, then I will travel to War Camp and see what they say there...thank you..."
"No need to rush Elu I will tell you this, Your sister Horses know the way of the cold wind"

Now I was angry "Merkin you know I have no way to get in touch with Horses let alone play these games with you now tell me!" I put my hand on my hammer grip
"Now Elu you know there is no fighting with weapons inside the city wall"
"You have to leave sometime Merkin" I smiled
He put his hands up "You win you are looking for someone named Sharon but I am afraid you will have to pass that to your sister"
"Why? and who is this Sharon I have not heard of a Sharon of any class, oh please don't tell me she is a Necromancer you know I hate those things"
"I do not have that knowledge but I tell you this you have more pressing matters The Ring Of Fire has gained strength since your absence you must report there and leave this to Horses."

I exhaled long and hard the old man was right If I did not attend to The Ring of Fire all could be lost and so far all Sharon has been is a chase of a cold wind. "I will go but I ask you get word to Horses I will leave a letter at the weaponsmith can you do that Merkin?" I said again with my hand on my hammer grip
"Yes of course for a fee" He smiled his cheaser cat smile knowing I would pay, rolling my eyes I said "I will leave 500 gold with the weaponsmith when you have had the letter sent he will give it to you , I need you to send it because of your position it will arrive"
"It will be done "
I turned and left to gather some supplies before Ice and I set out for The Ring of Fire.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Lets talk about evil

I have been here http://lovingrelationships.blogstream.com/ and here http://crushedleviathan.blogspot.com/ both have brought me to this post.

I wonder if any of you have seen the "curtain" pulled back if you will. I have and its not pretty, in fact its terrifying and the only thing you can do is call on the Lord. It is the only thing that enters your head as you realize how great the battles are that take place.

I can't help what things I have seen I did not choose it, I can see in hindsight why I saw but it is not the cartoon evil we often see portrayed. What makes it worse is its beautiful in its disguise and by the time you know different or shall I say by the time you smell the death of it its to late.

I used to think I was so evil that I was able to "see" evil because I was so close to it's core. However in 20/20 hindsight I realize what I have seen had little to do with my evilness but more about a few things.

1. A specific effort by evil to keep me from anything good. Not because I am all that great trust me anyone who knows me knows that self elevation is the least of my problems. The reality is evil has an vested interest in you if you are trying to be a person like Christ or at least trying to stay on the narrow path. You see if evil can target you and help you go stray then it has one less person to deal with.

2. Keep me self persecutory. This is a biggy because as long as I saw myself as evil then I was frozen at the baby step of accepting Christ and that's about it. I am still am that way I am sorry to say its my single biggest battle of my Christian life. To explain how much I will tell you this story. I did not get water baptized for over 20 years of my Christian faith not because I had trouble with baptism or anything like that in fact I longed to obey God in what I saw as a request. But I honesty without a doubt believed it would be such a ridiculous action by someone like me, so offended the Heavens would be that as soon as I was baptized the church would fall to the ground and everyone would drop dead and I would be left with the shame of my action of even attempting to be part of the baptized family. which leads to more...

3. Narcissism. When you think you are evil, when you think you are somehow different then any other that Christ died for because of some thought that you should had known better it is about you. Evil works very hard to keep everything about you. It does not matter how it is dressed up thinking of oneself as great or not, beautiful or ugly...whatever it is about you and for me about me not God.

There are other smaller reasons but I listed those because those are the primary battles of ones mind and that is where evil lives. If you lose money in the stock market the devil did not do it to you , you played with money in the world of men you lost that's it. What some people call evil just shows there lack of understanding. In a wacky way I am blessed for the hard, awful road I have walked on because I not only have seen what I have seen and lived the way I lived I can really love now as completely as a human being can. Not because I am great but because something in me through most of my solitary Christian life held hope in Christ. While I still fight my own demons I don't listen to them as much and I make a conscience effort to check myself and say "is this about me or God"

Why the post?

Sometimes with all our talk, me included find it so easy to find fault
Sometimes one more episode courtesy of my mom of Montel and Sylvia brown make me want to scream and the people looking or something, when any who has seen what I have knows anything like being able to "see" anything is not ones choice nor can be called upon its either about God or it is not.
Sometimes its good to admit you or in this case I suck and I am not very good at the whole chasing after God thing cause I just get lost on the road with all my junk.
Sometimes it frankly sucks be here knowing there is a there
Sometimes I get tired of seeing things I can not share, sensing evil not knowing where its gonna hit, knowing God want me to do more and I just refuse.

Maybe saying here will mean I can just accept it as is and get over it already

Maybe its just that I really want to love everyone cause its the only good thing I know and I am frustrated I can not becuase our lives as humans get in the way

Yep that's it

He died because of who He is...zero to do with any of us and who we are
Your loved by God and I'll keep trying to

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Just for fun

So I go to this other blog here.....http://rethink.blogspot.com/
I am attempting to come out of my self imposed exile and I don't really want to be serious so I did this and you should too cause its fun

Instructions: Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud, and press play. Use the song title as the answer to the question. NO CHEATING.

How does the world see you? Liar by Never The Nines...I think I should be worried now.

Will I have a happy life? Freak Out by Avril Lavigne.. hmmm might be good might be bad.

What do my friends really think of me? Buckledown by Face Value...ok so I guess they view me as out of control or I am valued by my face if that is the case I'm not worth much :)

What do people secretly think of me? Patchwork by Plank 63...guess I should comb my hair more often

How can I be happy? Crash by 12 Stones....must still be hanging on to stuff

What should I do with my life? Honeymoon by Bon Voyage.....woohoo I'm booking a hotel for life Zeke, you wanna come along? :).

What is some good advice for me? Kill Me , Heal Me by Skillet...ok I think I am ready but not sure

How will I be remembered? Sight Of Your Tears by Ben Arthur.......If you don't know this song you won't get it by I do

What is my signature dancing song? Liquid By Jars Of Clay..........Absolutely!

What do I think my current theme song is? Can't Wait by Hepcat......hmmmmm.

What does everyone else think my current theme song is? Signs by Five Man Electrical Band...does this mean I should get the tat I am thinking about?

What song will play at my funeral? Moving In Stereo by The Cars .......that would almost be perfect.

What type of men/women do you like? John Woo by Newsboys...hmmm I might need therapy

What is my day going to be like? Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand..........oh how I wish!

So do it and let me know you did it and go by think to cause its a good read

You are loved I promise