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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Have a wonderful Merry Christmas all.
Tell our Lord and Savior happy brithday .
Look around at the people who you love and love you and say thank you.
It's a beautiful day if you let it be.
So let it, and love

Monday, December 11, 2006

Its a girl and who are you?

So my middle one married this guy who we did not know and who at first seemed difficult. Anyway my middle one the one who tried really hard to make every waking moment of my life full of worry is doing very well! The guy who I thought was difficult is really very nice and loving the best guy she could have picked to marry and nothing like the past guy's she has dated.
Fast forward a bit and Zeke and I have a granddaughter! Baylee!

Of course she is perfect she is my granddaughter what else would she be. But mom is blowing me away she is doing so good and I am thankful for it. She is a bit scared just like a new mom should be and she is really wanting to do her best. God bless her He has and I know He will keep doing so. People change she is the proof.

Now I wonder who you are?
Who would you be if, you could speak plainly without care of judgement about any subject?
Who are you all alone what goes through your mind?
Who are you when everything is falling down?
Who are you when everything is going wonderful?
Who are you when you need to love but you don't want to?

I don't expect anyone to answer but I have to ask cause I really want to know. I am the person who ask how you are and really wants to know and I am always starving to know more.
I am left with no answer for myself when wondering why we are so careful with each other. I don't understand cause I don't want to ... I hate grey its so full of pretenses.

My middle one in the middle of labor was pure and what I saw was beautiful no grey, no careful.

Tomorow is not promised to anyone so love now