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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wheelchair or no Wheelchair

I have a dilemma I can not take walks or stand for any amount of time. No one seems to know why. I can run, dance, exercise and move in any other way except standing or walking. I think this is a result of hurting the center of my back when my mom was alive and we were taking care of her she had ALS.

I have had x-rays and tested for everything but nothing shows up. I thought maybe this was a complication of diabetes's but it does not follow the normal way it would for a diabetic complication and it is not affected by my blood sugar.

It may be a complication of Cystic Fibrosis but if so there is not much that can be done.

I just never had back issues before I hurt it with mom. so that is my logic.

Anyway I can't walk more then 2 blocks give or take a few feet with hip pain starting. It will get worse until I stop and sit but the rub it once it gets to the pain it is just bad for a while regardless of what I do.

I can stand at the sink and wash dishes but only one sink full any more and it is the same as above.

Last night we had the 3 kids, our daughter and granddaughter and I did not want to cook so I thought we could walk up to norms and eat. Before we left I knew I was not gonna make it so I said lets walk to Woody's it is about half the distance and only a couple of blocks away. By the time we got to the signal about halfway my hips already were getting tight and the pain was on the way.

So here is my dilemma. If I get a wheelchair then I could walk until it hurts and then use it to go to places I like to walk to like the store and Target. I can't sit and get right back up like a walker would allow. But I am afraid if I get a wheelchair I will give up fighting to fix the issue and get comfortable or that I am just being a big baby when it could be much worse.

I miss stuff but I have been using missing stuff like walking to Target with my youngest to push me so I am unsure what to do so I guess I am asking what would you do?

Be loved you are