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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Here I am and now what

So here I am and I am here because of internet blackmail of sorts. I can't comment on some blogs cause I am not a blogger in fact I may not ever have anything to say at all ever.

I have alot to say but don't know if I want to say it.
If I said it would it matter?
If you read what I said would that mean it would be the same as having coffee together somewhere?
If I wrote what is honest would the reader be honest when reading it?

See I have so many questions and not so many answers, so why would I write?

Maybe and that is only a maybe I will write, share, express etc. Then of course I would worry would it be in vain, self elevation love of self?

I guess for now this is what you the reader has. It is not much but it's not a blank page.

You have value don't forget that


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