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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Christians in America

I am not bashing I know the freedom we have and the charity we provide helps countless but I am asking my self some question. It started reading another blog sorry I can't remember which one I read so many.
Anyway would we.......
Walk for miles to hear the Bible read?
Go to church if we had to sit on the ground?
Go to church if there was no band/choir?
What about if the Pastor stuttered?
Would we smuggle in a Bible cause we wanted to study the words of God so much it risked our life and the life of our loved ones?

Declare our belief in Christ if we...
lost every monetary thing we had because of it?
knew every person we loved would shun us?
knew we would be stoned to death?
watched our children pulled from our arms to have all kinds of unthinkable things done to us in order to get us to forsake Christ?

Do we...
really love every creature God has created ?
really love God more then each other?
rejoice in God's laws?
want to be in heaven with God more then anything else?
give water to the thirsty even if the thirsty is our declared enemy?

I don't know why I ponder this but I do. I wonder if you do.

Be loved you are