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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mental Hopscotch

These things wreck my mind ...

I watch people on TV, movies, etc that are dead.
I know I can't be perfect but get frustrated when I am not.
I know what I should do and don't and the fact that Paul said it also gives me no peace about it.
It seems I will never understand the less then obvious importance of money.
How I can honestly appreciate life given but not take care of my health the way I should.
How I can so far forgive others of everything and thats some pretty bad stuff to forgive but I can not give myself the same.
Why anyone thinks Ben Stiller is funny.
How I can love my husband more when I could not nor can not think that is possible. In fact this would include every single person I know.
I am pretty sure my dogs have some deductive reasoning skills but thats not possible.
I really do think I still have time and the ability to be Lara Croft, learn to play the guitar better then anyone one else in the whole wide world, dance ballet again, become a motorcycle mechanic for Ducati, Drive again, compose music, learn animation, read all of Kings without cheating and going to the end, See every person I want to face to face and so on...

I am pretty sure this makes me nuts but everyone is being nice and not telling me so.

Tomorrow is not promised so love now, you are loved


At 10:59 AM, Blogger Zeke said...

You're not crazy, but your perspective and priorities are uncommon, even so far as to sometimes leave what most of us consider common sense behind. That's one of the reasons that I love you.

And on the health thing, here's where I come down: if you took all the guilt and anger over the years at yourself and made it go away, you would actually be more healthy. All that negativity does nothing to improve your health. So I say, either let it go and just do what you're gonna do, or make the changes that you keep insisting you need to make. Either one would be an improvement over your current situation, which actually does meet Einstein's definition of insanity.

I love you, babe. You are a pearl of great price to me.

At 4:34 AM, Blogger Corry said...

If you are nuts, then I am too. At least we think about things, huh?!!!

I like to refer to it as being weird. Different, but certainly not crazy. Although... I have my moments, hahaha.

God bless you.

God's Grace.


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