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Monday, July 31, 2006

Missing Men

Sadly in Qana many people died, specifically many women and children died along with a few older men despite being told they were going to get hit. Where are all the men? The young teenagers to lets say 40 or even healthy 50. They either joined with Hezbollah, or they left there families running in the other direction knowing the bombs were coming. Now if they joined Hezbollah, fine fight who you want believe what you want but I wonder did they tell there families to stay put so they could be "martyrs" and displayed to show all that is evil called Israel? Being a mom, there is no way in hell Zeke could convince me to allow my children to be bombed I don't care the cause. God would have to light a burning bush, no a house, no a 50 story building as well as talk loud and crystal clear and tell me Himself and even then I would struggle, but I would allow it.

Why is it not brought up that when most awful things happen like what happened in Qana that there are no men and that these poor people who were killed by bombs did not only not leave but where in the very place they knew would be targeted?

The protest will come, the news cameras will follow like thirsty sheep to a stream and it won't change a thing cause following man only leads to wants of whoever you happen to be following.

Do we do that as Christians? Who or what are are idols? In America we just kill ourselves slower, with our idols of money, work, pleasure, comfort and the quest for self. But we have it better cause we are sexless in our idol worship any man or women can follow them.

Today a bunch of people are not here they were here just a short time ago. Sorry from Israel is not gonna fix it and Hezbollah really does not care the "cause" is too great and now that cause only grows bigger because of there marks of death on there family members.

What marks do we put on our family? I am terrified at the thought.

I am thankful there is love that covers.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Jumping off the top

How fun would it be, just think of it everything you have ever said that anyone besides you also heard now everyone knows. If that does not get you all happy then this might lets say things you were once wrong on and shouted from the mountains now everyone knows. Still if that does not get your motor running then maybe you would like everything you have ever written down to be public.

I know your thinking what great fun!

Well guess what we are all a whole bunch of hypocrites. There are people out there, believe it or not trying to do the best they can with there understanding and because we might think different or read a few "special" books does not mean it is are job to "enlighten" them.
As soon as any of us say that person is insane, or evil, or stupid, or lame blah blah blah simply cause they don't get it the way we get it we have become the person we are pointing our ugly fat fingers at.

I am not talking about the ones who are bent on doing harm there in a class all to there own. I am talking about the ones who might be like Lucado, Lewis, Dobson the list goes on. I don't have to like everything about a person to respect and show honor to them, and I do not have the right to judge them for what I disagree with. That's like saying to a doctor who saved through his/her efforts tons of sick poor and then thought a new medication or something was right used it and a few died gets lynched for the deaths and we forget about the legions behind them now healthy.

How short sided, mean, myopic, self elevating can we be and I use the word we cause I am guilty..but no more, Not in a minute or a year. This is the danger I think of with blogs and such... me, we , you, whoever and whatever can get on a high horse with our personal thoughts and what used to be thoughts we might tell a intimate friend are now for public view. The problem is a friend knows us and understands where we are coming from the public does not. Someone in John Q Public might think if we type it, it must be true, some may think if we type it must be a lie whatever, here is the rub. If we, I , you are going to make a person you disagree so small as to point out there mess up and build them around that then be prepared to have the same thing happen to you.

How would you really like it? to be perceived on things you may have been wrong about and have everything you might have done or said that was right thrown away so the people who disagree can make there point?...fun?..nope

Then of course I am left to wonder since I typed these words am I doing the very thing I don't want to do anymore and objecting to in others?...geez it seems like a round about sometimes.

Remember it takes nothing to love those who love you and little faith when everything is going your way, walk in another's shoes, starve for a 3d picture of the one you might not like and then love him or her cause everything else done outside it is all about you.

Be loved