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Monday, July 31, 2006

Missing Men

Sadly in Qana many people died, specifically many women and children died along with a few older men despite being told they were going to get hit. Where are all the men? The young teenagers to lets say 40 or even healthy 50. They either joined with Hezbollah, or they left there families running in the other direction knowing the bombs were coming. Now if they joined Hezbollah, fine fight who you want believe what you want but I wonder did they tell there families to stay put so they could be "martyrs" and displayed to show all that is evil called Israel? Being a mom, there is no way in hell Zeke could convince me to allow my children to be bombed I don't care the cause. God would have to light a burning bush, no a house, no a 50 story building as well as talk loud and crystal clear and tell me Himself and even then I would struggle, but I would allow it.

Why is it not brought up that when most awful things happen like what happened in Qana that there are no men and that these poor people who were killed by bombs did not only not leave but where in the very place they knew would be targeted?

The protest will come, the news cameras will follow like thirsty sheep to a stream and it won't change a thing cause following man only leads to wants of whoever you happen to be following.

Do we do that as Christians? Who or what are are idols? In America we just kill ourselves slower, with our idols of money, work, pleasure, comfort and the quest for self. But we have it better cause we are sexless in our idol worship any man or women can follow them.

Today a bunch of people are not here they were here just a short time ago. Sorry from Israel is not gonna fix it and Hezbollah really does not care the "cause" is too great and now that cause only grows bigger because of there marks of death on there family members.

What marks do we put on our family? I am terrified at the thought.

I am thankful there is love that covers.


At 10:48 AM, Blogger Kristi said...

Thank you for your visit and kind comments today. I don't know how you do all that. I pray I can become that strong, and what my father has done doesn't sound near as terrible as what you went through.

At 11:05 AM, Blogger Mrs Zeke said...

kristi it's relative, our lives and what happens in them. There are things that have not happened to me that I can not fathom and visa versa. All the things that come from an unjust place hurt and it does not matter what they are they just hurt all you can do it stand up and try to put it where it belongs.

It is hard and sometimes stupidly easy but your life is yours, you will answer for it, your choice's or at least what you have control over and that is the only thing you need to govern, its the only thing you can.

Be loved kristi cause you are.

At 3:18 PM, Blogger Kc said...

These are deep reflections. Without respect to the current situation in the Middle East, I can only shudder when I consider how easily we perceive the faults of others as being so foolish or evil while we completely overlook the foolishness and evil in our own heart. What you said is so true. Where would we be without His great love.

I too am very impressed and encouraged by your strength and strength of character. You really are a great blessing to the blogging community. ;-)

At 6:46 PM, Blogger Mrs Zeke said...

I really am not being all about me KC, I just know whatever I see I can find in myself somewhere otherwise I would not know what I saw.

This does not include crimes and such, ya know the other kind of seeing :)

Love you brother can't wait to meet you someday

Be loved

At 12:02 PM, Blogger Jada's Gigi said...

Yes, so sad...thank God for a Lover that coversm that washes, a Lover that carries all our burdens and makes our way straight.

At 10:41 AM, Blogger Mrs Zeke said...

right on sister. If there was not God then all this stuff this world does would be my hopelessness

He is everything

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