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Saturday, January 07, 2006

So why is Zeke so great....

So why is Zeke so great....
Cause he puts up with me.
Let me tell you some things about Zeke you all don't know and if you don't care then hit next blog or whatever it is you do when you don't care.

Zeke runs after God. He might get tired, over worked and have all kinds of things he would rather not have happen...happen and still even in low times of doubt never denies God and looks for Him everywhere.

Zeke loves me like Christ loves the church. He never gets mad I am to tired from illness to go to the store with him. He never tires of listening to my never ending mind loops even though he may not understand. He does not get mad when I am mad instead he ask me what is wrong and really wants to know. He tries and is a better man everyday

There is nothing Zeke will not do for his family. His daughters are fiercely protected, his wife is completely adored and his animals think he is the best chill human to hang with

He gives me access to him always, even in meetings he answers my phone call and if I said "I need to talk to you now" he would even if it meant his co workers might get upset. Thankfully I don't really do that.

When my mother was dying Zeke never complained about her being brought into our house. She woke us up many times a night to move her feet because ALS robbed her of that ability. Zeke made my mother feel so loved that at ALS meetings by the time she was done talking about her son-in-law people expected him to walk on water.

But let me tell you a story that will some up Zeke
We had just gotten married and we got married in 30's not 20's. I had lived on my own a long time and was used to doing things for myself my way. In the course of business I had heard about these 3 little girls who had been abandoned in Los Angeles. There mother had died and the father did not know what to do so he left them with the nuns at a catholic church.
So when I heard about them from a colleague I said "We will take them" it never occurred to me to talk to Zeke first. I do this just take people our house is like the good version of Hotel California no one leaves. All I could see was the pain these kids must have been going through and that they needed to stay together. I forgot about the whole married and should talk to your spouse thing...Anyway. I later found out that the state was going to place these babies in Watts and they were Asian and Watts was not Asian friendly so I felt another rush of urgency. I called the nun and before she could get a word out I said "Ill take them don't let them go to the foster home" and she said "who.." anyway so I got it worked out with her she was gonna talk to the social worker. The colleague who told me about them called me later and said "I think its a go your going to get the kids" I was happy
The Sister called again and explained that the next day we should be notified and everything would be set up I said wonderful and hung up the phone.
Then it hit me, it occurred to me I should talk to Zeke. Now understand at that time everything was set we were going to be adding 3 small children who needed allot of help to our house and it JUST occurred to me I should tell my husband. Yes this wife thing takes some practice.So I dialed the number and I was nervous. He had every right to be mad. He had every right to be ballistic mad. He picked up the phone and it went something like this
Me "Hi babe"
Zeke "Hey baby what's up?"
Me"Well I need to tell you something and don't get mad I should have told you sooner"
Zeke "tell me what?" Now I am scared cause I don't really know how to put it and I could tell by his voice he was getting nervous
Me" well you know so and so at work, he knows about"..and I filled him in on the abandoned kids without mention yet that I agreed to take them inZeke
" that's awful but why would I get mad..."
I cut him off and said "I told the nun we would take them and she told the social worker and they are going to be here if everything works out maybe as soon as next week"
There was a long pause on the phone. I didn't say anything and the pause stretched
Finally Zeke said "ok babe we will take them but please don't do something like this again without talking to me first"!!!
Can you believe it and what makes this the coolest thing ever is in one statement he showed compassion and he showed me he understood me. He knew I was not keeping anything from him out of secrecy or anything like that he knew I could not let these babies go to a place they were not wanted and he knew that.

Zeke was willing to give me the freedom of my passion for people to help them despite the fact it would cause more pressure on him and out household.
The children were not placed with us because LA county in all there wisdom would not transfer them to Orange County, but let me tell you the ones who have came into our house.
3 girls besides are daughter 2 are on the path of God and one is struggling
2 boys both are on God's path
2 boys in the neighborhood who look at Zeke and respect him and his household and do not come from a nice places 1 is on God's path and 1 is asking.
2 men in a very sinful lifestyle that for the first time are looking at there lives and God is bugging them about it.
In 5 years 9 people have come into our home because Zeke let it be and all 9 have been exposed to God in large part because of who Zeke is and almost all 9 are on God's path now. None except one came from intact families or happy places to grow up. I do not know another man who when we lost all source of income because of the 9-11 attacks that would continue to shelter, feed and love all of these.That is who Zeke is. He puts up with me and all the strays I can find. How amazing is that!

So when you read Zeke's blog you are reading a blog of someone who has done everything he can to keep on God's way. In 5 years he has lost a child, a grandson a mother in law his mother has had breast cancer. a stroke, and has lung cancer. His wife (me) has almost died and he has come to the realization that his wife could die from the common cold. He has had to watch his youngest be ridiculed by her peer group because she was trying to do things God's way and because of that be silent , quiet and in pain, he has had to watch his middle girl reject God and walk away only to come back and walk away only to come back. He has had to watch his oldest be blackmailed into adoption of a child we would with open arms take in, be verbaly abused by her bio family and almost lose her mind. He has had colleagues lie to him and lost everything because people who hate us attacked us. In all that Zeke has remained.

Zeke shoulders so very much and what I want to tell him is thank you so much. For pushing me to branch out and for being willing yourself (Zeke) to do so. Our grandson will be 1 soon and I already know he belongs to God it is where his heart will be. That is in part because of his dad and mom both whom you mentored. But it is also part because of you, are the man that young men tell me they want to be like. That is an honor dear husband an honor way above almost all others. When Zeke tells you all he loves you, he means it and you are getting a gift with value countless.

Thank you


At 7:02 PM, Blogger dorsey said...

Damn, I love Zeke.

Thanks for sharing that, MZ. You rock.

At 8:29 PM, Blogger Mrs Zeke said...

He is just dandy isn't he.

Thanks dorsey. You know if God made your daughters then you know He is in love with you. I kinda stole that from a five for fighting song but it's just so perfect

Kindess is so needed ..off you go

At 2:33 PM, Blogger jeff said...

As I sit here with tears in my eyes at the compassion of a couple like you two, I can only sing...

join in if u know it!
Zeke is the air I breathe....
Zeke is the air I breathe...

Nicely done!

At 7:19 PM, Blogger Mrs Zeke said...

Oh boy is he!

But I think I embarrassed him, sorry Zeke.

Jeff on the serious side, I never understood why we wait until people are dead to let them know there value, but boy can we jump faster then a bullet when they do something wrong we are so backwards sometimes.

I apologize for the entire human race!

Now that its settled go off and have some fun :)

At 6:13 AM, Blogger jeff said...

Boy, Mrs. Z,

I'm glad you cleared THAT up. Not that the entire human race is forgiven, I think I can actually step away from my computer and leave my house for once.

Boy, this should be exciting!! ;)

At 10:09 AM, Blogger Mrs Zeke said...

hehe no problem Jeff that will be .25 cents, please leave it on the curb outside your house :)

Fill me on on what happens

At 1:26 PM, Blogger Theophileous said...

Absolutely heart-warming and wonderful. You are blessed. I am blessed for having read it.


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