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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Go and buy Indie music

Go here http://surfacinglove.blogspot.com/ and buy a CD.
Here is the deal it's 7 bucks shipping included and you might like it. If you don't fine then you give it to someone else and they might like it. Think about it this way you could be getting a gift for yourself that you may enjoy for years for 7 bucks.....
You could be getting a gift for someone else that they will enjoy for years for 7 bucks

In supporting indie music you poke at the labels thought that they know you want more Brittany and so forth...well do you? ...really?

Come on all you old punk rockers who tried to rage against the machine you can do it again, re-capture your youth stick it to the man!

:) serious buy it

Your loved deal with it

Let me add this to the above

Here http://pingetcetera.blogspot.com/ bug Matthew to make or sell his bands music
Here http://ninjanun.blogspot.com/ Ninjanun has a cd find out how to buy it bug her
Here http://www.fincity.net/fincity_home.html These guys are great buy there CD it is not your "normal" rock CD so taste vary

I could list hundreds no joke so check those out and don't make me get all punk rock speechy on the evils of the riaa, freedom to play, and why pay to play killed the radio star.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ode to Missy

The org poem before I changed it to Ode to Missy is here http://pastoradebbie.blogspot.com/ I don't want to get in trouble but this fit so well for her. If the author finds this objectionable please let me know and I will delete this asap. While your there red Debbie's blog it's cool.

Ode To Missy

I am often unreasonable,
Illogical, and self-centered;
I am Forgiven anyway.

If I am kind,
I accuse myself of selfishness, ulterior motives;
I'll be kind anyway.

If I am successful,
I will win some false friends and be my worse enemy;
I'll Succeed anyway.

If I am honest and frank,
People may cheat me or I may not like the view in the mirror;
I'll be honest and frank anyway.

I will spend years building,
I or someone could destroy overnight;
I will build anyway.

If I find serenity and happiness,
They may be jealous or I may feel I don't deserve it;
I will happy anyway.

The good I do today,
People will often forget tomorrow or I will not recognize as much as my faults;
I will do good anyway.

I'll give the world the best I have,
And it may never be enough;
I'll give the world the best I got anyway.

You see, in the final analysis,
It is between me and God;
It never was between me and my judgments of myself anyway.

Monday, February 20, 2006

I think God has Big Tops

I was reading Matt from Canada http://morethan42.blogspot.com/ his post about gas and laughs but you need to go there to read it for yourself.

I started to think of something I have thought about allot. We have to Crack God and all the Heavenly host up sometimes. Add your Big top thoughts in comments I would love to read them.

Could you just imagine a Heavenly town crier if you will

"Attention Attention today's events inside the various big tops include

In the Big Top to the East we have man running on wet grass, this has a 80% chance of slipping, don't worry no one gets hurt.

In the Big Top to the West we have man willing to put his or her tongue on dry ice, again no one gets hurt.

In the Big Top to the South we have man walking around his or her house in pitch black they know they could turn on the lights but they don't and as a added bonus they have kids who leave there toys out.

In the Big Top to the North we have a special on kids and baths since you all liked it so much last time, these kids are great just being them. The set up is mom and dad after they have gotten all ready to go out try not to get wet giving the kids a bath before bed, parents you got to love them.

In the Big Big Top you all are gonna love this we have Mrs Zeke again she will be walking all three dogs like she does so often. Oliver the pup is bigger now and the best part...are you ready for this ?.... Champ the big guy and Oliver are gonna run in different directions while the old man Gizmo is gonna freeze in place and folks she is doing all this on wet grass! Its gonna be great."

I just know all of Heaven for a good laugh watched me walk the dogs and every time the grass is wet Ill just assume I am entertaining Angels and my Father.

Love now tomorrow is not promised to anyone

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Glad some history does not repeat

I got asked in an email about being a stripper it was a truth I posted in a comment. Yes I was one and no I did not meet Zeke that way. I stripped when I knew it was wrong, when I knew there was a God (I always knew) and I know its not popular to admit our wrong doings especially if we can't claim ignorance of God but I don't want to be all "safe and secure in the arms of a sinner" I would rather be safe and secure in the arms of God and he already knows all I have done.

So back to being a stripper. In the email I was asked how could I ever do that. I can tell you that most people who strip don't feel like they have a choice. It does not mean they or I did not it means from the perspective your in you are not seeing options. Also you have to be breed a little if you will and maybe sometimes Ill blog about that but not today, just that somewhere inside of you the option to strip has to be that an option and for some it would never be. I am not proud of it but I can say in time God will take everything and make it for His good use as he has done with me and Ill explain a bit about that in close.

I was in a place with zero support and had an infant to cloth and feed. I could have made money a more righteous way but as I said this was an option because of life experiences and I could lie to myself and rationalize the reasons for fake right reasons.

I can tell you from my experience one thing that would help prevent women, sisters and daughters from ever opting to do something like stripping is a dad. I know some of you would say our Father in Heaven is a perfect dad but the problem is without a male role model growing up that is healthy a women's view of the heavenly Father is also messed up. You Dad's out there are so very important. I can tell you I have yet to meet a stripper who has a healthy relationship with dad that does not mean they don't exists but I can only talk about my experiences.

There is a segment of women who strip that frankly only God Himself could ever change they have chosen evil and they delight in it there is nothing more to say about them its up to the Father.

The women who strip excluding the above see there role to males as sexual period. Many college girls start stripping for "extra cash" only to end up being a stripper full time. But in order to strip in the first place they needed to be able to view themselves incorrect but can use extra monay as an excuse they stay because the money is massive, getting gifts everyday is addictive, attention is always there if you want it and power is fun. There is no one telling you your bad, and church folk would not be seen anywhere near the strip places. They stay because even with less they would have stayed. If they thought someone cared it would be a different outcome.

Sadly I think you will see a huge increase in this as years come and go because our bar for what we are willing to accept is so low. Or we just gave up on fighting cause its to big or whatever we tell ourselves to be comfortable. I was blessed I had a sister who was unwilling to give up on me and because of that I was not willing to disrespect her. She found me 3000 miles away no recent contact in months and let me know either I was going to get out of it and come to her or she was gonna come get to me. I did not want my beautiful sister in a place that was so awful, deceptive and yes evil. So that ended my stripping career fast. When we get tired of praying and ignore God's pushing at us we may be giving up on a stripper somewhere. We, you or I make a difference overtime we choose to care whether we think so or not, whether we see the result or not. I am forever thankful my sister was willing to do whatever it took because I can tell you had I remained I would not be here typing. There are some very deadly people in that world and they all liked me and they are not the kind of people you want to like you.

Now how God turned this into something good is easy. Stripping gave creditability to those who feel they have no hope who have been cast as hopeless. I understand the sin and they know it. I understand it in all forms strippers, adulterers, gay, sex before marriage and so on with the exception of pedophiles and other criminal behavior. It was not just stripping that helped me understand but I don't feel like being that exposed so that's all you get. Understanding does not mean condoning it means however that I can and do provide a place these people can do and tell the truth because frankly as I have said before there is no hope without honesty and without hope there is nothing.

So I tired with this post to expand cause of more then one email, but I really wanted you all to know you have no idea sometimes who you are having coffee with and never give up even if it appears there is no place left to go, not the one practicing the sin and not the one God is pushing to care. Don't give up.

We are all loved, we choose to accept it and choose to love. If today was your last day of breath would you love any different? If so then do so now.

Blog Land is confused

So I just realized the blog land is confused. In case you don't know which you might but not every comment or reply posted is showing up. I found messages by accident hitting the post instead of the page..so just wanted to tell you cause you may be missing something wonderful :)
Go be kind

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sisterhood of dumb

This post is gonna appear bitchy and it is.
If I never here "its my body and I can do what I want with it" again I will jump for joy. I am not talking about the abortion debate, I am talking about a response I got from another women in a conversation in her reply to me. Now let me say this is a pretty women but she dresses like its a party at Hugh's everyday and then had the nerve to bitch to me about how Neanderthal men are!
Let me set this up. Normal body, teeny tiny t-shirt, tummy exposed, pants low enough to see hip bones and purposeful showing of thong in back with high heels as she is saying this to me cause some guys expressed themselves. SO let me see if I got this right dress provocative and the blame the men. I am so tired of it.
Brittany, Madonna and the next big thing really make me ashamed sometimes to be a women, and I am not a wallflower in dress I am the women who thinks cranberry leather pants are fine to wear to church despite the stares, but I don't need to wear them 2 sizes to small or with a shirt that is cut to my belly button! Come on ladies what happened to classy which I hate to inform you of this fact the men I know find that much more attractive then the other. You are like it or not perceived often by the way you look and if you put it out there, some men are gonna accept the invitation.

In and office environment I have seen skirts so short sitting down was impossible without revealing what is meant to be hidden and then male coworkers chastised for looking. I don't mean gawking I mean looking without much thought and then looking away embarrassed. Better still after the other women in the office chastised the men they all sat around like hens talking about the women with the short skirt. Please!
See I have to deal with the perception you create. Being a women I get enough invasion of my personal space as it is I don't need your help ladies. I want the men who may be small sighted not to think every women they see is a sex starved kitten just waiting for them. Could we just stop feeding the monster.
Since you say its your body then please stop sharing it with me. Guys my apologies for my sisters.
Zeke I am only wearing sweats from now on 8 sizes to big and I am shaving my head too