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Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Baby!

For 19 years you have made dad and I have more hope for the future.
For 19 years you have made me the proudest mom on the earth.
For 19 years you have made dad the proudest dad on the earth.
For 19 years you have challenged us to step outside the norm on how we parent.
For 19 years you have taken the backseat many times to those with much less and not complained.
For 19 years you made your grandmothers feel loved.
For 19 years you have created the most unique relationships with animals that no one else would believe.
For 19 years you have reminded us that "things" are not as important as "us"
For 19 years you have shared your creative mind with us often leaving us in awe.
For 19 years even through struggle you have remained steadfast in the morality that has been given to you.
For 19 years you have always been a bit lonely because of that morality you have always lived.
For 19 years you have confounded the conventional wisdom.
For 19 years you have not smiled enough but when you do it was worth the wait.
For 19 years you have been the force for me to try when illness took all my energy.
For 19 years you have pushed dad and I to be better at dad and mom.
For 19 years Dad and I have gone to bed knowing you would be ok.
For 19 years you have let us love you.
For 19 years you have loved us.

Now your 20 and i can not imagine what you will do next .
I love you, Dad loves you and God loves you. You love. Thank you


At 11:21 AM, Blogger Zeke said...

Yes Punkie, we love you!

(...and it's 20 years, babe... starting at year 0, of course :) )

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Mrs Zeke said...

When I start at 0 then I will let you know... if I was gonna start at zero then I would start pre birth and then it would not be her birthday.

See how simple my world is:P

Anyway how I prefer to see it like this. She is living her 20th year not her 21st, then she could drink so 19.

Silly man

At 4:38 AM, Blogger Corry said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
Your parents are truly blessed with you and you are so blessed with parents like yours. :-)
I hope God will have many more blessings for you in store. Actually, I believe He has :-)

God's Grace.

At 3:50 PM, Blogger dorsey said...

Hi Anna (Punkie?),

I hope you had a great birthday. All the very coolest people were born this month, you know. I would have called, but I was out on the ocean, wreaking bloody carnage and being God's terrible hand of judgement to a school of bluefish and a couple hard-hearted sandsharks. What can I say? It's a gift.

Whether it's 19 years or 20, I hope you enjoy many, many more. Much love.


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