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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mind Loop 101

So here is what is going round and round in my mostly empty head. I am really a big liar. There are few things that get me really mad but false prophets do in an instance. People who cause pain to children and old people tend to do it to. So I was washing the dishes, and thinking shame on us for not loving the (fill in the blank) and then it hit me.

If I was put in a room with false prophets and child predators would I be able to love them?

I honestly do not know the answer to that. I would like to think so because they are after all part of God's creation and it is God's desire none parish. But then I tried to imagine myself giving a hug to Benny Hinn and telling him he is loved and even in my minds eye I could not. What kind of liar does that make me? Is there anyone besides Jesus Christ who could love anyone else? I am not talking about ignoring wrongs and acting all happy for the sake of the elephant in the room. I am talking about loving even the worst among us so that one day if they ever do turn around they have a place to go.

What about you? Could you sit across from a child predator and tell them they have hope in Jesus knowing there crime? Could you give them some food from your table?
I am really shameful to admit I don't know if I could. I would like to say "sure whoever ask for water I will give it to them" but the reality is some things are so awful to me I don't know if I have that much self control. Then I think I could, I could give them water I could at least do that.

Enter the mind loop, that's what I call it.

So now I am thinking I am riding in a car and Missy is with me (Zeke and I's daughter) and also in the car is the worst child predator you could think of. God has told me earlier that day that Missy is going to heaven no ifs ands or but's and the bad guy in the back is not. We get in a wreck and I don't get hurt but I can only save one. God says it is His desire none should parish and Missy is going to heaven, but could I grab the bad guy in case his salvation is down the path of his life and leave Missy with the knowledge that she will go right into the loving arms of our Father? It seems impossible to me and of course I think Ill trade places with Missy and tell her to take the bad guy cause I figure my shot at heaven is better then his. But I can't, so there I am in the middle of an unknown road with an impossible choice. Walk away from the one I carried for 9 months who I love with everything in me and save the one I detest so he has a shot at the Kingdom of God.
I can try to justify leaving Missy, she won't have to suffer anything on this forsaken earth and God has said she will be with Him, but I have nothing other then the might of this other human.

I now wonder if I would give them a drink of water after all
and you?

Love now tomorrow may not come I am at least trying


At 5:27 PM, Blogger dorsey said...

I hear you, sis.

Swallow hard and go to the gracehead store. It's easy to say Jesus loves everyone, until you think about wearing one of those tshirts in public.

I want to believe. Lord, help my unbelief.

At 7:18 PM, Blogger Mrs Zeke said...

oh boy Dorsey I would be in more hot water then I already am in among my sisters and brothers in Christ if I wore one of those.

I spent alot of time among vampires, witches and pagans doing apologetics and loving them the best I could. I made the mistake of telling someone once and boy did the looks come.

ok it may not have been that I think cranberry leather pants is ok to wear to church :P

I want to be willing to make His will mine, Lord help me

At 7:00 AM, Blogger Zeke said...

Drink of water, sure. But I'm pulling Missy out of the wreck, no second thoughts there.

At 10:42 AM, Blogger Mrs Zeke said...

Zeke I'm telling God on you!

Better hope you don't get smoted..
Don't expect me to stand anywhere close to you for a long time I don't want to get singed it makes my hair frizz

Dorsey see what I have to put up with! Im getting those T-shirst one day and wearing one to church with my cranberry leather pants, hehe they will just set up a stake and burn me...dang might as well stand next to Zeke

*off to get that fire proof stuff*


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