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Sunday, May 14, 2006

My baby is 19

Wow that kinda blows my mind cause I have never once felt tired of being a mother to this child.
I was going to post this in the morning but the reality is this is the first birthday of hers we have every been apart and I have been feeling much self pity today. Shame on me so Miss AJC let me tell you some beautiful things about you on your birthday before it ends.

It is perfect that your birthday lands on Mothers day because you are the delight of me and dad and would be to any parent. You seek God approval as well as ours and while that presents a struggle as an adult you never had to deal with as a child the fact that you try to stay the course is a gift you give since so many of your peers really could care less. For 19 years you have been the reason I want to be a better women and mother not because you asked but because you demand it with the high bar you set for yourself. Most people have no idea who you are although they think they do, you are often coined quiet, secretive, loner and like me a bit eccentric. But they don't see you talking to people that others have given up on, the open ridicule you are willing to take because you won't back down on what you think is right and the compassion you show for a certain nameless person who always lies but you forgive her anyway.
You accepted another older "sister" who had to work off all the lies she had been taught growing up sharing dad and I time with the whole world it seemed never complaining which is a gift because you daughter know how temporary this life it.

I want this year for you to be a year of letting yourself lighten up on yourself and have fun. Have a whole year of fun. Just find ways my lovely daughter to have fun and never ever one moment forget that you are a young women of our Heavenly Father, a Father you have honored and respected regardless of price on this earth. You are His gift to this world just who you are, you never enter a room unnoticed and you are never anything but humble.

Thank you AJC for allowing me to be your mom. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, dreams and your heart with me. Thank you for teaching me a thing or two. Thank you for honoring me and dad. Thank you for loving God because of that I will never worry we will have forever together.

All my love to you baby


At 1:04 PM, Blogger Jada's Gigi said...

You are so blessed! so many cannot say even half the things you said aobut your lovely daughter...completely blessed to be her mom!

At 3:55 AM, Blogger Kc said...

What a beautiful tribute to all of you.

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