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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Calling all who care.....

My son in law is now back in Iraq for his third time let me show you part of an email I got from him. I changed some names because this is a public forum

".............Well as you know by now I'm here again. I'm really grateful for all
your support as well as all the support from Zeke and Missy too. I can't
tell you how great of a feeling it is knowing that I'm leaving will all of
you backing me......"

He has been really torn not about what he is doing but about why people are calling him a baby killer and those things because he knows why he is there. I wanted to give him something to hold on too so this is part of what I wrote back

"......My wonderful son-in law you are willing to do the job so few want to do along with your brothers and sisters there with you, let me tell you something you can keep with you...and others if it helps.

It was clear to some that the Nazi's were exterminating people. Germany never attacked us on our soil Japan did. While "we" knew Jews and others were being killed because of politics we let many go to the gas chambers before doing anything. Because doing so would have caused a split in public opinion.

Vietnam never attacked us on out soil and the list can go on and on... My point is if you forget, your there to make sure history does not repeat. The kind of History you are preventing is this.

I know what Ketoacidosis feels like. Its when a diabetic has no insulin let me tell you
First you just feel off, and your stomach hurts but your body tells you something is wrong
Then your muscles all start to hurt as your body breaks down the muscle and fat for fuel
Then your brain starts to tell you , your are going to die and there is nothing you can do
Your breathing increases to a pant your body trying to get the ketones out that have now filled your lungs and you start to shiver and sweat while being in pain all over the whole body.
Then if you don't pass out by now, you start throwing up and convulsing
If your still conscience you feel your kidneys shut down and the ketones now go through your body like nail polish remover to nail polish. The acid courses through your organs painfully until death if no help is there.

Saddam for his benefit would not allow the children with diabetes in the hospitals there insulin and let it rot, the insulin we supplied. All of those kids suffered the above until death and then he would order the docs to parade them in front of camera's declaring "this is what the sanction's have done to Iraq" while the world looked at dead bodies of children........"

I don't really care about the politics of this war. I don't care about talking heads in front of podiums. I care about graves filled with bodies, children being denied medicine and history not being played over. So my point, I am asking all of you who might read this to record a support message, not in support of the war but in support of a person like my son in law who has left his wife, his baby son, the family who loves him to make sure what he has seen with his eyes never lands on the soil his family lives on.
If you can't record it then send me a number Ill call you and record it. It is something I have been doing for years and I put them in my radio show. Again it is not about either side of politics its about letting them know that they are loved and supported. It is hard for my son in law to be called names and for our daughter to be told not to go out alone for safety reasons. Speak as freely as you would like but don't let them feel abandoned and don't make it about the politics.

If you are willing post here and tell me ill make sure you get my email to send the message or ill contact you via phone to record one. It means the world to them.
Thanks ahead of time.

Lord protect them and Lord let any kind words sent comfort them


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